When The Sun Shines On You, Reach For The Moon.

The Moon.

Bide tried to wrap his ahead around what Grandpa just told him. He felt it didn’t make sense, how could the forest move.

“Grandpa, may be something very big moves among the trees?” He asked for the umpteenth time. He knew was to get the same answer.
“The forest moved Bide.” Grandpa answered in a calm patient voice Bide had grown accustomed to.

Bide and Grandpa sat on the sandy beach facing the tributary of the great sea. It was a moonlit night. Bide suddenly glanced over his shoulder at the coconut trees behind them. He had heard a movement among those trees but he wasn’t sure.

He turned to check if grandpa had heard the sound but grandpa’s gaze was on the calm water in front of them. He felt it was just his imagination. He reasoned. if there was actually the sound of any movement among those trees, grandpa would be the first to hear.

Grandpa was a fisherman. Bide had been out at sea with grandpa many nights. He had seen him smell approaching rain and dangerous sea monsters miles off.

“You’re conscious of your environment when you stop your mind from wandering.” Grandpa had told him when he asked how he could echolocate so effortlessly.

Bide looked up at the sky. He noticed that the moon had passed the south and was now in the west. It should be 3 a.m, he guessed.

Grandpa had told him that moon followed the path created by the sun. His ten year old mind had sought to know why the moon didn’t create its own path;

“From the beginning of light, the moon has been depending on the sun for its own light. Up till now, the sun is yet to ask the moon to pay for the service. You know why? The sun knows that humans look up to the moon to stabilize the tilt of the earth to avoid climate extremes. Without the moon, seasons would vary widely as the earth’s tilt changed. If this was to happen, humans wouldn’t have fond memories to savour and festivals to celebrate. Without celebrations, humans wouldn’t appreciate the sun. Life is about celebrations.

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