Living A Balanced Life…

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…Is all down to embracing contentment, giving love unconditionally and loving who you are.

Choosing contentment over insatiability is housing your heart in a safe haven. A contented heart is not troubled by uncertainties, because its tranquility is dependent on nothing.

A contented heart asks not to receive love first. Rather it gives an unconditional love from the abundance that’s within. Love flows out naturally because it’s at peace with human imperfections. It understands that time, tenderness and love win in the long run.

And this heart loves self also. A contented heart never blames self when things go wrong but always envelopes self in positivity. Because this heart is ever conscious of the forces of life that must pull, push and give the opportunity to achieve balance.

Unfortunately many are too lost in the crowd to see the forest through the trees. They are walking in a circle going nowhere; lost in a maze of confusion. The maze of confusion is not where to find balance in life.

Until they find themselves and let contentment and love lead them, they may never achieve a balanced life.

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