Freedom Is An Illusion: It Is Either You Are In A “Noble Chain” Or A “Chain Of Enslavement.”

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I will not fight for freedom, I will rather fight tot loose myself from the heavy chain of enslavement caused by our silence in the face of oppression.

Today, we must resolve to embrace the NOBLE CHAIN. The chain that will bind us together as a people. The chain that will not make us see ourselves as less human to anyone else.

We must embrace the noble chain that will not undermine our dignity as a people. The chain of self determination, which by all standards, is lighter than the chain of enslavement.

We must loose ourselves from the chain of inferiority complex, the chain that makes us think our “white” brothers are better than we are.

It is time to submit ourselves to that noble chain that will make us see ourselves as Africans first and foremost.

We must accept the noble chain of being a Nigerian, a Ghanaian, or a Kenyan before the chain of tribe.

We must remember that we cannot escape our being in chain. Whether we are under the control of somebody or people are under our control, the truth remains that everyone is still in chain.

If you are a leader, you are in chain to lead your subject in accordance with the stipulation of the law, and if you are a follower, you are in chain of obedience and submission to your leader so long as he leading. Anyhow you look at it, we are in chain:-the chain to perform our duty in line with our callings.

But it is important to choose a noble chain against the chain of enslavement. It is the way we look at things and interpret them that determine the kind of chain we are in.

The seeming freedom we claimed to have belongs to those who are bold to say the truth. Though, this is not really freedom, but a noble chain in actual sense of the word.

Those who keep quiet when they are supposed to speak are in chain of fear, and such chain is that of enslavement, but for those who speak up to oppose the wrongs, are in chain of attack from those who celebrate evil over good, and being in this kind of chain is noble.

To me, freedom is to be in a NOBLE CHAIN. Those who are in this chain are always celebrated in the end.

Those in a noble chain take as a duty, the act of treating everyone in the sense of human and not in the sense of class and wealth. This is the kind of chain that should bind us together as one.

Choose your own chain which should be noble, and stop being in a chain that was designed for you by your enemy.

Written by Michael Eneyo, author of;

Philosophy of Unity: Love as an Ultimate Unifier,


Ethics: Judging Morality Beyond The Limits of Man

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