Does Perfection Often Impede Improvement?

George Will says it does. According to him,

The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement.”

Why does perfecrion slow down improvement?

Because perfecrion hardly leads to progress and it’s progress that leads to improvement. The quest for perfecrion on the other often leads to discouragement.

People who often set out to achieve perction through the channel of perfecrion seldom see light at the end of the tunnel.

Not getting the results they want erects a pillar of hopelessness between where they are and where they want to be.

With no hope of success in sight, a perfectionist would most likely be unhappy to continue. This is because perfection kills the enthusiasm not to give up until progress is made.

 The reverset is case for someone that is driven by the search for success rather than by the quest for perfection.

The individual in search for success understands that they are imperfect humans. That all they need to succeed is just to discover the right way to what they want. Then use that as their success template.

An individual inspired by the desire for success, sets achievable goals. Having accepted their imperfections, set goals they know they have the capacity to achiwve.

This is not what the seeker of perfection does. A perfectionist lives in an utopian world where everything is perfect. As a product of that belief, they often set unrealistic and unachievable goals.

Unachievable goals because they’re unlikely to be inventive and patient enough to achieve them. Perfection is an enemy to creativity.

Now, if perfectionism hasn’t led you to where you desire to be then it’s time you changed course.

Start now to set achievable goals. Be honest to yourself and set goals that align with your areas of strength and passion. Attach deadlines to your goals and keep your eyes on results.

As results come in, analyze them objectively and avoid blaming yourself when those results fall short of your expectations. Success is a process and learning from mistakes is part of the process. Learning from your mistakes may lead you to fortuitous discoveries.

Continue to take those actions that are your strategy to achieve your goals.Be decisive and fast. Avoid the attractiveness of procrastination.

Surround yourself with great people. You are going to need their love, support, wisdom and honesty as you go for success. But don’t take them for granted. Be grateful for having them around as a hedge and let them know you truly appreciate them.

Finally, be self disciplined. With the ultimate goal always in view, self discipline will not let you stop until you get there. This truth was clearly expressed by Theodore Roosevelt when he said;

*With self-discipline almost anything is possible.”

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