3 Unmistakable Signs That Show You Are In Toxic Relationship.

A relationship is meant to be the best place to find the most sought but hardly found happiness and inner peace in life.

The absence of inner peace and happiness is the reason for the incompleteness we feel in life.

Therefore, to fill the void in our lives, we search for someone to give us strength and complete us.

When we find the right fit, we work hard to keep them for a life time; we crave for a long term relationship.

You know what? Nature agrees and supports this desire. But nature’s support only lasts as long as each heart is home to half of the whole. Unfortunately. Life is a distraction.

Not many people in a relationship can avoid the distraction life throws their way. Succumbing to the distraction that life is, is becoming a toxic partner in a relationship that one half is still unconditionally committed to. The one that gets distracted can’t hide the tell tale signs for long.

What are these signs;

1. The one who is screaming silently to be cut off is easily irritated by the presence of the pest (that’s who the once cherished person becomes in an unhealthy relationship).

Little harmless observations and auggestions incensed the distracted partner.

2. The presence of the pest is a harbinger of unhappiness. The pest is seen in everything that goes wrong as the cause. The pest becomes the catharsis.

3. The negative energy that has enveloped the relationship soon takes it toll.

The pest starts to stay out of the way of the person who once filled the void in their lives. They turn to loneliness for companionship.

For the one on the receivng end, things begin to fall apart very quickly with spill over effects on other aspects of life; daily existence is hunted by regrets- in some cases, by suicidal thoughts.

When a relationship brings you to the precipice, remember, you have the right to be in control of your life.

Take control of your life and head the ship of life in the direction of happiness and inner peace. This, doesn’t translate to self-centeredness.

Rather, deciding what’s right for you in a relationship is helping a timid partner: to decide what’s good for them too.

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