“Life isn’t just about darkness or light,…” – Landon Parham

“No feeling is final. A bad feeling should get you longing for a good feeling. A good feeling should be stored up to serve as a safe passage through a bad feeling…I know you’re in a turmoil son; the lost of your mother coming on the heels of the lost of your job? You must be going through hell my son.” Sankson paused and searched Paul’s eye to see if he was reaching his soul.

There was nothing but a blank look.
Both men sat in silence for a long while. Paul felt a deep sense of guilt for the death of his mother. He felt if he had come early enough to be by her side, maybe she wouldn’t have died.

He knew his mother loved him so much; he was some sort of oxygen for her.
But he couldn’t ferry himself to the small town where his parents lived, immediately after his father called to inform him that his mother was in critical condition in the hospital.

He desperately wanted to go to his mother but he was broke. He was out of work. He just lost his job.

He left the city for the small town immediately his friend, Nat gave him a little loan.

He was heart broken, “Why am I having a harvest of bad events in quick succession?” paul heard himself ask in a voice that he hardly recognized as his.

His father sighed, he was also grieving but life has toughened him up. “That’s how life unfolds. We can’t have one long unbreakable run of a good feeling. Life has to send our way, untoward events to evoke bad feelings so that we become conscious of the deeper essence of existence, which is, building the best out of every situation we find ourselves. The products of such labour are lessons for us and those who are willing to learn from us. These lessons are truths which help us to live a fulfilled life”

“Dad, am feeling so bad about life right now. I am helpless.”

“Na you’re not helpless my son. You’ve the strength deep within you to go through this. No feeling is final…”

“Life isn’t just about darkness or light, rather it’s about finding light within the darkness.” – Landon Parham.

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