When The Smile Is Gone!

When the smile is gone;
It’s time to focus on the simple things
It’s time to focus on things often overlooked
It’s time to stop and think
It’s time to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Then you’ll see how lucky you’ve been
You’ll see things you own which others want;
You’ll see friends that’ ve stood by you
through thick and thin;
You’ll realize how much you’ve taken for granted
Plus the love you have that can’t be bought.

So, when the smile is gone,
Because you can’t get all of what you want;
Count your blessings;
Remember that piece of goodws that came when
You weren’t expecting it?
Remember that rainbow in your sky after
that heavy rain ?
It was a big promise of better days ahead.

So when the smile is gone,
It’s just a wake-up call
To let your past successes inspire you
to get up and go for more
As you go along, wear a big smile
To comfort you and to inspire others.

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