“Good and Evil are very hard to explain or understand…” Keith Haring

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Cindy sat on the couch, her eyes on the TV program but her mind was several mile away from her sitting room.

Nick, her husband of 23 months had not called for six months now. She had made several failed attempts to talk to him within the same period of no communication.

Nick was at the front, engaging the militia in a gorilla warfare that had taken so many military and civilian lives.

He had gone back immediately after the 2 day honey moon. The wedding was hurriedly put together because Nick couldn’t afford to spend more than a weak away from the front.

Now, she had endured six months of not hearing his voice on the phone.

“Life is cruel. Cindy lamented silently. To add to the burden was the fact she was also in a state of confusion. Simeone in her office, was on her neck.

He wanted Cindy to go out with him on a date. A part of her was yelling at her to accept the offer. She was lonely.

“I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong.” Cindy rationalized.

“After all, it would be a harmless date. Drink juice, have a non-romantic talk and come back to my house.” She continued in an effort to free herself of any self-guilt, just in case she accepted Simeone’s offer.

Then a breaking news on the TV caught her attention. Six officers just lost their lives in the ongoing war.

Their photos and their names were on the screen. Cindy checked photos and names, one after the other. She didn’t know any of them until her eyes got to the last name and photo. was Otti, her husband.

Cindy let out a loud scream and fainted.

*       *       *       *

Someone saw the news the same time Cindy saw it. He knew Otti, He drove over, found Cindy spralled on the floor and took her to the hospital.

Seven months later, Cindy had come out of the worst. Otti was a distance memory, Patrick had done a great job to comfort and nurse Cindy back to life.

With Otti dead and with Cindy ready to move on , Patrick asked Cindy the big question. Cindy said “Yes.”

Both decided not to rush things. Cindy was still living alone in the apartment she once shared with Otti.

One evening when Cindy got home from work, she found a surprise package. Otti was lying on the couch.

*       *       *       *

Otti didn’t die.

His name and photo were published in error
Otti’s mother, whom Otti filed in the military records as his next of kin, was informed of the mix-up
Otti was yet to update the next of kin information before the news of his purported dead broke.

.What type of Hosting is Bluehost?

Otti’s mother was against the marriage. She wasn’t on speaking terms with Cindy. And Cindy on her part, didn’t bother to reach out to her mother-in-law in her moment of grief.

“Otti is back. Why wasn’t she happy?” The voice in her heart asked her.

“So, are you telling me that it was a mix up. Cindy asked in a tone that betrayed her disbelief.

darling. Otti answered and reached out a hand to pull her closer but Cindy recoiled. Why didn’t

“Yes. Why didn’t the military authorities get in touch with me.” Cindy queried.

“They didnt’ have your details. I was yet to replace my mother with you as my next of kin before the incident.”

“Otti why? You had more than six months after our wedding to do that but you didn’t. why Otti?

“Darling, we couldn’t take our eyes off the enemy for a moment. We had to be on the alert 24/7 dear.

“Was your mother informed? Cindy wanted to know. She still hadn’t forgiven Otti’s mother for her objection to their marriage.

Otti paused for few seconds. The animosity between the two women was not lost on him.

“Yes dear.” He answered cautiously. Otti observedf that Cindy was calling him by his name. it was unusual.

“Darling…? “Otti began, “what’s going on? I can tell you’re not happy to see me. There’s a wedge between us. Talk to me, I will understand. “Otti pleaded as he grapped her hands.

She made to withdraw her hands but stopped.

“Nothing Otti. But …. Cindy trailed off and turned her face away from Otti.

Otti cupped her chin and turned her face gently towards him. Cindy had tears in her eyes.

“What is the problem darling? Why are you crying honey?” Otti pulled her face to his chest. He stroked her back gently as she sobbed into his chest.

“Iam pregnant Otti. Cindy mumbled and pulled away. “I am pregnant for another man.”


“Good and Evil are very hard to explain or understand. I’m sure that evil exists, but it is hard to isolate. Good and evil are intertwined and impossible to separate. They are not completely opposites and in fact are often one and the same.” Keith Haring

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