When You Were Solomon

Every morning, Solomon leaves his bed
He takes his breakfast then he owns the day

He lets his imagination lead him
Through the fields, mountains and the street;

There’s no end to what he tries,
He seeks wings to join the birds in the sky;

“Oh, let me send my kite!”
“Tell them to give me a share of their wings, I want to be their lookalike!!”

it’s funny? Solomon doesn’t think so,
he’s now on the bridge watching the river flow

again, his mind is his fairy world
where everything is possible, anything can be done.

Yesterday, you were Solomon
but today you’ve outgrown that world,

you’ve forgotten about your power of imagination
you follow orders, you no longer ask questions;

no questions asked, no discovery made
Hey! You were born to create

It’s for your best life, you were born
But you must go back to when you were “Solomon”.

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