What Are You Building?

“Let’s be honest with each other, building your network marketing business isn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

Often, it can feel like clouds and thunderstorms which is why the average will quit and give up on their dreams. A stranger was walking through a construction site where dozens of men were busy at work. The sun was unbearably hot. Not a cloud in the sky. The workers were complaining about everything – the heat, the lousy tools, the other workers, everything!

Each time the stranger walked past a sweaty worker, he’d ask,“What are you doing?”

Each worker would scowl and angrily reply, “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m laying bricks. Leave me alone!”

But one man stood out from the rest. Although he was soaked in sweat and filthy from the dust and mortar, he was humming a tune, and the stranger could swear the man was smiling.

“All of these men are miserable except you,” commented the stranger.  “You’re all slaving away under the same hot sun, doing the same hard work. Yet you’re smiling while you’re laying bricks and they’re angry and swearing. Why?”

The smiling worker turned to him, mopped his brow and replied in a strong, proud voice:

“I’m smiling because I’m not just laying bricks. I’m building a Cathedral.”


Matt Morris said he heard this story over 20 years ago from Amway Diamond Angelo D’Amico from his book “talk the talk”

Thank you Matt Morris for sharing.

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