How To Win With The Power Of The Inner Mind.

When you are overwhelmed by the problems of life, hand them over to the inner power that lies within you. Give you over in meditation and in prayers and let the awesome power that is powerful than anything you know, work out solutions while you write the problems diqn somewhere anf continue with your life.

As the solutions are being worked, be mindful more of what is happening within you so that you don’t miss the answers.

After a while check that lsit on which you wrote than you problems and you would be surprised that; some of those problems have been solved by your conscious efforts, some by the passage of time and some are still unsolved problems.

The inner power we have within heals alot of our wounds and Solves a lot of our problems but the problem is, we hardly trust it to carry us and our bags of problems.

It is useless worrying about every problem we have. Solve the ones your knowledge and creative abilities can aid you solve then leave the rest. You don’t need perfection to live an exciting and a happy life. You just need wholesomeness.

Wholesomeness is having an understanding the balance between what you can do and what you can’t do is enjoying the blessings of everyday. Enjoy these blessings and share them in the unconditional love you sow everywhere you find yourself. And the reward comes in possibilities which make hitherto

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