7 Simple Ways To Initiate Desired Change.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill.

No change comes from doing things the same way.

Real change comes from the conscious effort to do things differently. Change is brought about by the wilful attempt to move away from the usual. Real Change is going to take the learning of a lot of things about a new way at a very short time.

Keeping the time short must be intentional because not every attempt to break away from the usual brings the desired change. It is usual and normal for some attempts to fail. When the learning period is short, more time, money and energy committed to the learning are saved from being wasted on a lost cause.

How do you achieve an effective learning within a reasonably short time? In order words, how can you achieve an effective learning and achieve time efficiency at the same time?

Follow this process;

Be certain of the relevant skill required ro be bring about desired change. This is very important if time and energy must not expended on learning a skill that is later found out to be irrelevant.
We are living in a world where nearly nothing is new, it means someone has the skill you seek. Although it may be difficult to acquire it but learning it is not an impossibility. So find out the relevance of a skill to the change you desire before beginning the learning process,

2. Have a plan. Draw up a plan with a focus on deadlines and budget.

3. Be focused on the learning. Maintaining focus is very important as it keeps distractions away.

4. Be disciplined to stay within the leaning curve during the learning period. Stick to the routine plan, stay within the budget and let your speed be guided by deadlines set.

5. Frequently review knowledge acquired with learning goals set at the beginning. This will keep you from veering off the track, wasting time, energy and resources,

6. You don’t have to acquire an expert knowledge to start the change initiative. Start once you are comfortable but don’t stop learning,

7. And when you have achieved the desired change don’t forget to make innovation initiative an ongoing part of you and your business. As you already know, change is the only constant thing in life.

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