An Extraordinary Approach: filling the gap in a gap year.

It is time to be realistic.
This is a gap year, no one planned for it.

An unforseen extraordinary thing occured to alter normal flow of things including trends and plans. The post pandemic disruption calls for a realistic review of plans and budgets
To get something out of what is left of the year, you have to review;

  1. Plans- Now is the time to alter those plans in line with prevailing reality. You are not going to meet all those targets as planned. In the light of this realization, new tactics must be designed to maximize the time left in the year so as to achieve results that mitigate losses already recorded. It is time to delete from your plan, goals which are not urgent and move them to next year. This will leave you with the time to focus on achievable goals.

2. Budget. Review that budget downward. Strike off budgeted expenditures which are off the basic and security needs bracket. Create as much space as you can to save with the intention to invest for the future.

It is also time to enforce stricter financial discipline in your spending. Spend no money on what is not in the budget.

A downward review of plans (including goals) and budget is a safeguard against addition to disappointmens and frustrations already wrought by the pandemic and the lockdown in this gap year.

But on the flip side, you have to be determined to work harder in the remainder part of the year. You have a little time left in the year to live a normal life and do the things the ordinary ways.

Therefore, to end the year on a satisfactorily high level, you must redouble your efforts, work smarter, be more creative and innovative.
You also must be more flexible and pragmatic in your approach to solving problems and seeking or creating opportunities. This is an extraordinary time that has brought and is still bringing extraordinary opportunities.

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