You Want An Enduring Love? Don’t Wear A Mask.

Most go into relationships with the fear of being their true selves.

They hide behind masks of who they are not because they errorneously believe that relationships are not for human beings with imperfections.

They are afraid that if they are known for who they are, they wouldn’t be loved for who they are. This is wrong. And this is the major reason many relationships fail.

A relationship is a comfort zone. A comfort zone that gives the freedom to gradually let down your guard and finally be your true self. Over time, the comfortable knowledge of who you are with, will give you the confidence to open up and allow your partner into the recesses of your being.

When you let this happen, you unmask yourself for your partner to see some of those traits you were ashamed to reveal at the beginning. At that point, expectibg your partner to understand that you are human and to accept you for who you are may be asking for too much. .

Stick around? Stick to a stranger. That stranger is not the person she fell in love with. She fell in love with the man behind the mask. And that man was an apparition all along. She fell in love with ghost.

When she accepted you at the beginning, she did so because she believed she had found someone with her definitions of right qualities. Now, with that person gone, don’t expect her to stick around.

If she does , it may neither be because of you nor for love sake. It may be because she is trapped by the committment to shared parentibg responsibilities and by the management of shared assets. Note, these traps are not strong enough to keep her.

Therefore it makes sense not to wear a mask and embark on the search for a love that endures. Love endures everything except lies and pretences. If you want to attract someone to love you for who you are, you must show who you are from the word go..

You must carry the portrait of your true self at all times in your search. It may happen that the person you really want doesn’t love who you are. That will hurt. But as painful as it will be, swallow the bitter pill and continue the search without changing a thing about what makes you tick.

One’s meat is another’s poison. Presently, you will find someone else, who will love you for who you are. And when you find the one that loves you for who you are, you have found a love that endures.

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