Is It Impossible To Find True Love?

When love is found, a relationship is built to keep it.

Although, it is the desire of most to keep true love, unfortunately only few keep it for a reasonable length of time, let’s say months.

Fewer still can’t keep it beyond few days.

Why is it so difficult to keep true love?
It is because few know how to build an enduring relationship, which is the warehouse of true love.

An enduring relationship is built when two people are ready to give and take in equal proportion. It is difficult these days to find two people willing to give love in equal proportion.

While one may be willing to give liberally, the receiver may not. The receiver may feel entitled. This kind of imbalance doesn’t keep true love for long.

Love is truth. So no matter how long a lie is covered up in a relationship, true love eventually catches up and overtakes it. When truth overtakes a lie in a relationship, love walks away.

When love walks away, love dies in the heart of the one who gave but didn’t receive in return. The one once cheated unjustly finds it difficult to love back in a future relationship. The receiver of the frustration of an embittered partner, who longer believes in true love becomes another victim. And the latest addition to unbelievers of true love.

It takes time, real love, patience and selflessness to resurrect love in the heart of an unbeliever.

…But is it impossible to find true love? The answer is, No.



Elie Wiesel- “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

And indifference is what causes love to die. Indifference would make two people in love to be cold towards themselves, sometimes without knowing why. They would cease to care anymore but pretend that all is well.
When does indifference set in?
It creeps in gradually into a beautiful relationship when one begins to take another for granted. When you stop showing open appreciation to the one you have and the things the one you have does, the relationship stops to be a comfortable one for both of you. When that happens, the magic of gratitude is replaced with the slow poison of constant complaints….

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