How It Ends.

In life you have to choose to be wrong first if you want to be right at the end. Unfortunately many people choose to be right first and end up neinb be wrong.

The latter group of.people, who are greater in number than the first, live to regret decisions lost to fear and lost to the desire for popular acceptability.

Every one, including those who are afraid not to be wrong at the beginning is constantly up against fear. The difference between the courageous and the fearful lies in the ability to climb the stage and face the audience inspite of fear.

The courageous, go up there and strut their stuff in front of the audience inspite of the fear in their belly. The audience can’t see the fear, can they?

They are consumed by the delivery of what they have prepared for and are consequently lost to any worse that could happen.

The worse could be negative criticisms and boos from a section of the audience unforgiving of human errors. They are prepared to be wrong in order to be right.

On a bad day, when they get off the stage, they go back with the lessons of the day. Those lessons teach them where to improve and get better the next time they have the stage.
The courageous hold no grudge against nobody because they know they don’t own themselves. They are owned by the audience..

But the fearful will never climb that stage. They may be the best around but the fear of failure will never allow them to climb the stage.

They are held back by their unpreparedness to face their fears and accept negative criticisms.
For allowing fear to overwhelm them, they spend the whole of their existence hiding aware under shadows. They are found under the shadow of those who work for others to live their dreams and under the shadow of those who criticize others, often secretly for doing a mediocre job of what they know they can do better.

Listen! Life rewards those who are not afraid to be wrong in order to be right. It is the end that is more important than the beginning. After the twists and the turns, we often ask, “How did it end?”

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