Is Worrying A Bad Thing?

Is Worrying a bad thing?

If you have done your best, worrying about the outcome is not the next thing to do.

Worrying will not stop what must happen  and it will not make what will nevwr happen to happen.

It will only make you waste valuable time, which should have been spent on another project, on trying to better the best already done on one project.

It will make you miss to live hours, says, weeks and even months which will be lost forever.

Worrying could turn you into a nuisance within your social circle of family, friends and colleagues.

Rather than worry about an unfavourable outcome that may less likely happen, move on after you have done your best.

Embrace uncertainty, face your fears and move on. Success is an interest that compounds on the conscious investment of time and efforts in continuous learning and application of knowledge. If some investments among many, end up yielding nothing over time, positive yields from the rest will make you a success.

After investing wisely in the present, leave the determination of future outcome for time and continue to live your life. Because life doesn’t get old, human beings get old. And while life will always go on, the same can’t be said of any human being.

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