What Are The Advantages Of Being Patient?

What are the advantages of being patient?

With patience you go through life effortlessly, no stress and no enemies.

If you would be patient with people, you would ;

1. Have a better understanding of people because listening to the end when people talk would cease to be problem and,

2. Cease to allow people to provoke you to anger because you would be patient when they vent their anger and take out their frustrations on you, knowing that nothing can distress you except you allow it.

With patience always in your stride, no situation would win against you and no skill would be impossible for you to acquire;

What would you do when you find yourself in tough situations?

You would be calm enough to focus on seeking solutions patiently until you have the answers. You wouldn’t allow pressure of any sort to push you to frustration and depression.

You would be confident that no pressure can withstand the combination of patience, calmness of mind, learning and resilience.

Then with patience, learning is made easy. Starting from the scratch would cease to be a monstrous task, seeking help would become a habit and never quitting would become a part of your life.

Yes with patience, life is beautiful,

the patient dog still eats the fattest bone.

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