How Do I Reach My Self Worth?

How much is your self worth?

Does it give you confidence or does it make you feel inferior in life?

If your self worth gives you an inferiority complex then you are not ever going to live a happy life. Because you are not ever going to dare to think big and dare to reach people who could help you live that dream.

But you have in you what every great person has, the difference is, you are yet to do the hard work of discovering your true self.

Your self worth is reached when you have the knowledge of the truths about you.

What are these truths;

1. You are capable of getting done, anything you believe in,

2. You are capable of attaining any height by putting in 1000s of hours to learn what it takes,

3. You are not perfect. Therefore you are going to make mistakes like every great person makes,

4. You are going to win against all oppositions by refusing to give up and,

5. You are going to reach your self worth by knowing that you too have something special to gift the world.

You are worthy of having the good things of life,

life blesses those who try, fall but still rise,

with it’s sweet fruits which are plucked,

after the field of challenges has been crossed.

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