How Can I Be Happy And Contented In Life?

Nothing more makes the heart hapoy than having whatever you want whenever you want.

It therefore means that if you could have complete contentment every moment of your  life then happiness is yours to keep. Because in contentment is every source of happiness.

Then what does it take to achieve complete contentment?

1. Be happy for seeing today because there was someone with better plans for today but didn’t make it,

2. Be satisfied with little things of life because many don’t have those little things you take for granted,

3. Live every moment to the fullest leaving no space to worry and be anxious about the next moment. The value of the next moment is a product of the quality of investment you make now,

4. Look back to nothing, yesterday is history. Yesterday can’t be changed and,

5. Don’t stop working towards being the best of you as only the best of you equates complete contentment.


Self Love and Self Confidence: A Course in Contentment.


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