W. Clement Stone – ” Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.”

For many, success is achieved but can’t be maintained. You know why? Because they stumble on it.

An unmaintained success is often  success  received on a silver platter

Many hardly think out clear ways to success. Many never really try hard and work long enough for success.

But for the few who achieve and maintain success, they hold closely, the skills of critical thinking and persistence in the face of daunting challenges.

Really successful people spend time to come up with timeless ideas then work hard to make them come alive regardless of how fast the world is moving and how weird people think they are.

Really succeasful people know that no matter how much things change, the basic things in life stay the same. So they invest time and resources in trying to fill needs consistent with human existence.

What ideas do you have? Believe in them, think critically about them and don’t stop there. Work hard, keep trying until they become a “dream come true.”

How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Chabge Your Life by John C. Maxwell

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