Powerful Beliefs For Success.

Answers To Life’s Frequently Asked Questions By AYI Etim

What are the powerful beliefs for success? To

You dont have to be the first to win this race.

The race of life is in stages. It is won by those who have beliefs that earn them an enviable place in history.

Those who win the race of life are rewarded with a successful life. But they don’t start out by putting personal satisfaction before the satisfaction of others. The following are what they do!

They believe in serving others. They believe that altrusm is a selfless source of endless satisfaction for the selfless and the served. What does this mean?

It means that successful people always ask; “How can I make life better for a greater number?”

To answer this question, they seek not to be the first but to be the one who provides an alternative that is better than the best. They believe in giving the best and the best.

The alternative successful people provide is always a product of fearlessness to adopt a disruptive and an unpopular approach and, persist in their beliefs in the face of multiple rejections.

As rejections increase, they ask themselves more difficult questions until eventually, they find the way to do for themselves, what others refused to do for them. They become successful.

Anyone can be successful. You can be. But first find out, “Are your beliefs powerful enough to take you to success?”

Written By Ayi Etim,
Author of Answers To Life’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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