Pay Attention To Emotion.

Making a success of social interactions is a product of having the ability to pay attention ro emotions, especially negative emotions.

You could save a life, win a friend and avoid a potential danger by paying attention to emotions of people you come in contact with. The face often tells a lot of stories about the inner mind and hides very little or nothing.

We miss a lot of communicative signals because we are so fixated on our worries and plans for the future. A lot of us don’t just live in the moment and consequently, miss events of the moment.

Events of the moment are the milestones to the future. If you would pay attention to events of the moment you may able to have control on your social space. And if you would pay attention to emotions of people you meet everyday, you should be able to be a great manager of people. You would be able to predict actions, especially the negative ones and control the flow.

Since we can’t do without each other, we must make it our business to pay attention to emotions of others. Help them where we can, seek a professional help on their behalf, build great relationships and by extension, save ourselves from being victims of the harmful actions of others.

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  1. Shubhranshul says:

    Emotions are inevitable.
    Do check out our articles. We are trying to bring a change regarding people’s opinion on mental health.


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