5 Truths To Know And Stop Rejection From Causing A Heartbreak.

Often, rejection and heartbreak come together.

It is very difficult.to go through life without having a need for another human being. Human relationships are therefore almost inevitable.

This inevitability leass to another inevitability; rejection and heartbreak.

In your relationships, you may have  no power to stop rejection fron coming to you but you have the power to stop it feom breaking your heart. You can take possession of this power by understanding the following five truths about human relationships;

1. It is not every offer that is accepted, Don’t expect every offer you make to be accepted. Some will be rejected.

2. The incompleteness of human wisdom leads to errors in judgment. So sometimes when you are rejected, it may not mean you are not good enough. The rejection may be a product of poor judgment.

3. For everything in life that has a beginning, there is an end. The end of one thing signals the right time to begin another,

4. The one who rejects is not hurt. The one rejected is hurt. The one hurt can be healed.

5. The one hurt is the only one who can heal themselves. The healing process begins by moving on at the right time to begin something new and getting absorbed by it.

A new project which takes over the whole of you leaves you with no time and no heart to dwell on rejection. Consequently, a heartbreak is avoided.


How To Make That Relationship Work.

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