What Happens To Love After The Beginning?

A relationship begins when there is an acceptance, kept going by the acceptance of imperfections of both and ended when one refuses to put up anymore, with the excesses of the other.

It is easy to give or receive the acceptance that signals the beginning of a relationship. At the beginning when no one stops and digs, no half of the pair has a thorough knowledge about the other half. Since individual weaknesses are not known at the beginning, a union is often stronger.

As days become weeks, both begin to pay little attention to matters of the heart  and, begin to pay attention to sights and sounds. It’s impossible not hear and see in a relationship. But it is possible not to allow thethe humann in all of us not to stop to love from doing its job.

And what is the work of love? It is to cover all imperfections. It is to give the heart to forgive wrongs and shrug off your partner’s annoying habits. Love gives the heart to enjoy the sunny weather and to endure the stormy weather.

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