Positive Labels Vs Negative Labels.

Pessimistic labels lead to passivity, whereas optimistic ones lead to attempts to change.”- Martin Seligman.

Don’accept negative labela from people and don’t give yourself some.

You think you are a perfectionist? Well, accepting that label could turn you into a very negative person avoided by many. It would be very difficult for people to please you and extremely difficult for you to produce results you are pleased with. You don’t need to be a perfectionist to succeed and find happiness in life.

Don’t say, “I am a loser” while you still have life. When you label yourself  a loser and accept that as a fact, then you are not going to try to work hard to succeed. No, you are a not a loser except you have lost the capacity to think and work.

Give yourself positive labels and grow gradually into them and become them. Make positive labels your daily affirmations.

Words are powerful, use them.to give strength to your being. No matter hoq much you have tried and failed, don’t use negative labels to pamper yourseld to passivity. The world belongs to action takers. Action takers make things happen.

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