Seek Help!

“Highly effective people know that things first exist in thoughts. So they never allow bad events and negative people to poison their thoughts. They do everything to keep out of their thoughts, doubts and pessimism. When they fail, their courage doesn’t fail them. Still they trudge on. Their vision is never blurred, their eyes still on the goal. The right path they have found still lined with a positive belief and a burning passion. They are never discouraged. Rather, every failure emboldens them to do all they could to get better at who they are and at what they do. Every failure makes them to square the circle and fit in but never to abandon where their strength is.” From The Book, “Answers To Life’s Frequently Asked Questions.”

Don’t ever believe it when you are told that the road to success is going to be easy. It has never been easy and it will never be.

The competition is stiff but you are wired to be stronger than the toughest competition.

All your life, may be without you knowing, you have been competing and winning against oppositions to get to where you are. You have overcome seen and unseen oppositions to your existence.

You have survived ill health to get here. You have survived your worst fears to realize that they didn’t happen anyways.

You have surprised yourself once in a while by achieving what you hitherto thought was impossible.
You have done what pessimistic people told you, you couldn’t. In other words, you have achieved the miraculous, haven’t you?

Now what makes you think you can’t survive this? What makes you believe that this is the end of the road foe you. No, this can’t stop you and it won’t . Think and believe that you can make it.

Now get up and gird your loin. Go out there and ask questions, don’t be ashame to knock on doors and share your problem. Others are going through worse. Seek help.

Though one, may be two or more would say ‘No’ to you, don’t turn back and don’t give up. Just keep on going to the right people to seek answers and soon you would meet one, selfless and generous enough to take you by the hand and lead you to where the answers you seek are.

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