Work Hard, Party Hard.

Wn the midst of all the hard work to achieve personal goals and meet expectations of others, find the time to enjoy life. This is very important.

Your life shouldn’t be all about working hard to have your heart desires without finding the time to enjoy them.

Yet, you continue to work  hard to gather and continue to postpone the day of leisure. Have you forgotten that the gift of Life has an expiry date? .

That a day will come when everything you worked so hard to build and to gather will pass on to those who never laboured for it. So why don’t you enjoy as much as you can of what you have earned?

It is therefore necessary, to build in leisure time into your life. Walt Whitman said, “Do anything, but let it produce joy.” Your work shouldn’t cause a cessation of moments of joy. Therefore take the time to enjoy the life you have .

I know you have to work this hard everyday to guarantee a financially secured future for yourself and for youe children. But you shouldn’t let the leisure time of today go to waste because the future may not be yours to have and to enjoy .

Forget about the coming storm, you have the calmness now, go ahead and enjoy it. Work hard and also, party hard. Because one day, hopefully, in your twilight, you would look back, the images you would see should cause you to smile, they should neither cause sadness nor open the tap of regrets in your heart.


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