“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Another new day, another opportunity to get up and rise up from lack and unhappiness. A new day is a fountain of perpetual opportunity flowing in all directions and available to everyone.” – From The Book, ” Answers To Life’s Frequently Asked Questions.”

The breaking of a new day is infinite and so are opportunities.

The breaking of a new day should get you out there searching for those opportunities because though opportunities are infinite, your time is limited.

If you don’t, well…just like Robert Frost said, “life goes on” and it will go on without you.

If you refuse to walk side by side with life, you get left behind to live a life you don’t like.

When you are left behind, you begin to rot away gradually till you get to the point where no one has a need for you any more.

Stop yourself from getting to where you are needed no more. It is a very lonely place to be.

Avoid the lonely place by showing up, to do a job that adds value to life. Show up and take control of your destiny, we need you and we love you. We need that deposit of gold inside of you.

Step forward, the world is willing to help you mine the gold in you. The world is offering you endless possibilities, so take them while you can.

If you reading this right now, it means you can rise up and live to the fullest of your potential.

Waste no more time, procrastinate no more, rise up and take your chances.

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