Building Bridges.

You want to succeed? Then link out to a greater and better supply and, a bigger source of demand
To link out to those with a better product and better ways of doing things in a field you have interest in, you must narrow the gap by building bridges. There is no other way but build bridges of friendship, of shared knowledge and of shared interests.” – From Th3 Book, ” Answers To Life’s Frequently Asked Questions

No man is an island. We need each other to survive and to succeed. So to survive and to succeed, we must build bridges.

We must build bridges between races, cultures and beliefs to go back and forth in our search for success.

We must build bridges that obliterate differences of all kinds and at same time, accentuate thetuniversality of needs, wants, desires, feelings, in fact, of everything that humanizes us..

You want to succeed in life, then reach out to someone who could help you. To reach the potential helper on other side of the divide, you must build a brideg to take you there.

But before you cross that bridge to seek help, go with a thing of substance. No one has it all. The thing you have which you think is worthless, might just be a thing of high value for someone else.

Build friendship, true and honest bridges of friendship to carry you over barriers of lack where you are. It is a world of abundance, but where thethe abunda of the same kind is not evenly diatributed. This is why a comparative advantage is present to help us exchange what we have for what we don’t have but want and need.

Build bridges of friendship today.


Building Bridges by Steph Fink

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