Who Doesn’t Want To Be Loved?

Who doesn’t want to be loved and to be cherished?
Who doesn’t long for a fortress of a home and a shelter from trouble?
Hardly none.
You want it. You want to feel loved and know that you are truly loved.
Then why are you puttimg yourself out of the reach of the one you are craving a special place in their heart? You are doing with your self centeredness?
Why do you want to receive always and never think you should give an equal amount of your heart too?

Are  you are the only special one around? You want to be treated specially but you want to reward with a shabby treatment.
Haven’t you realized that the level of love you long for is also longed for by the heart you want to own. That heart is not yet yours and may never be except you give yours too.. Hey! Give in equal proportion.
The proportion of your heart you  determines  the proportion you receive. Many complain about not being loved at that finest level they we’re loved at the beginning. But they never bother to check if there are now giving far too little.
Some have stopped giving completely but still long to receive and own the whole of their partner. It can’t happen.

You may say, “Am are still getting  my partner’s total love,  commitment and respect.  I did everything at the beginning to earn all I am enjoying today.  I don’t think I have to do anything to earn this special treatment. “, wait a little while. The reality will soon hit you.
Your partner would wake up one morning to an emptiness inside. And will realize that you had left long ago. Though still physically present but your heart was gone. Then your partner would do the same.

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