Keep Moving Forward.

Keep going don’t stop. Don’t go back to where you started, that would be going back to the boredom you are used to and what no longer satisfies you.
So keep going forward. Fulfilment in life is sustained by always finding excitement in every single day and every single thing you do every day,. So keep going forward. Never look backward. Backward is a standstill while forward is fluidity.
With fluidity is your gait, you can negotiate away from stoppages and all distractions which could stop progress.
So keep going forward.

As you keep on pressing on, never be in a hurry to see the next moment, always take your time to enjoy every moment you have.
Take the time to use up every second in every minute in the best way you can. Don’t ever be in a hurry because you may miss a defining moment; a turning point to greater things.

So take the time to examine what every moment holds and don’t ever fail to take with you the best of it and leave behind the worst of it. So keep moving forward.
Keep moving foward, take along with you, friends who value you and leave behind superficial friends. Leave behind friends who are only there to discourage you from moving forward with their pessimism. Leave behind those who only talk about the best things others are doing but never come up with ideas of great things you and them should be doing together. So leave them behind and keep moving forward.
As you keep going forward, leave behind the urge to seek vengeance.. Drop that strong desire to take revenge just to prove that no one can mess with you. It’s a waste of your valuable time, little resources and it’s a big anchor behind you that  slows you down. Let your traducrlers ‘win’ ‘little fights’ while you win at succeeding in life. Keep on moving forward.
Keep moving forward to where you do things that help humanity to have an abundant life. Be where you could help people enjoy more comfort . Keep on moving and never stop until you have found where people,  now and in the  future would always appreciate your positive impact on life.

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