What Do People Know About You As A Matter Of Fact?

What do people know about you?
What information do people have on you?
Information, once established as facts are reliable and become the basis for drawing an inference.
The conclusion could be true or not true. This would  depend on the level knowledge of the interpreter of the fact. But the veracity of conclusion doesn’t hurt that much when it’s wrong because someone else may want to hold the conclusion against the established fact and examined it.

That someone may have a better and a more accurate interpretation of the fact. So a truer conclusion would be reached.
The conclusion becomes the beginning. It could either cause an interested person to either want to have the fact or stop there and move on onto other things.

Naturally many would want to examine the fact. Aim with the fact, a decision to use the fact for another purpose could be reached.

And that other purpose may get you up to where you had always wanted to be or where you never wanted to be in multiple life times.

So what information do people have on you?
Is it a fact or not?

Make sure thar what they have as a fact is what you what you want them plus everyone else to know about you.

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