What You Can Learn In One Minute.

What You Can Learn In One Minute.
And it will be useful for the rest of life is how to live a life of gratitude.
It doesn’t take a long time to learn to say “Thank you”. It is learnt out of conviction that it is worth it.
It is a decision that is made under one minute.

And once the decision is taken and executed as a daily habit, it can transform your life to what you always wanted your life to be.

Start being thankful for the gift of life.

Everyday you see the light of day is a special gift and one more chance for you to puh towards your dream.

Today is a rare chance which most who saw yesterday with you, don’t have.

So those who don’t have the gift of today had big plans for it.

Showing gratitude to nature for the gift of a day, attracts goodwill to you. It stops nature from conspiring against you.

When you hit a satisfactory  level of consistency in being thankful for the day, you start swimming in an ocean of ‘good luck’.

Saying ‘thank you’ to friends, family and just any one who does a good thing for you, makes the person want to do more.
Human beings love to be recognized and celebrated. So when you celebrate (through gratitude) a folk who gives you a helping hand, it gives the person a sensation of fulfillment. The person would want to do another good for you,  just to experience the sensation once more.

Saying ‘thank you’ to someone should not only be in response to a kind gesture to you. It could be deployed as a marketing tool.
You could use it to promote your brand to those who don’t know you. For instance, you could mail out letters of gratitude to prospects  from whom you desire recognition.
The letter should be ‘thank you’ for a supportive effort for a cause. You don’t have to be a direct beneficiary to do this.
It is certain that some would take notice and few may want to do business with you.

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