How To Find Happiness.

What are you searching  for?
The truth is,  you don’t have to search for it because everything you need to live a happy life is right within you.
Ageless natural laws are still in force. Obey them and get rewarded with all you believe could guarantee a good life.
Go to these timeless principles of life,  which have been tested and trusted and make them work for you.  How?  By first giving out what you want in the form of love and watch it come back to you,  this time,  in its tangible form.
Be conscious of who you are at all times.  Be conscious of your thoughts at most times. Be in control of your being at most times.
Don’t  get lost in what is happening around you.  But always be  found in those thoughts and actions which you intentionally create to give you stability,  prosperity and happiness.
Natural laws don’t change.  No one can change them. Those who are wise obey them.  Those who want happiness obey them. Those who want the best out of life give love tirelessly. Because this is the foundation of the obedience to these ageless natural laws.

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