Words of Wisdom For Men.

Everyman is born an engine to push the world forward.
But not everyman ends up a vital part of prosperity.
And not every man ends up living happily in an atmosphere of prosperity. Why?

Because most men who don’t fulfil the purpose (born to prosper) they were born for don’t live by words of wisdom.
What are those words of wisdom for men?

1. Man know who you are.’
Everyman is collection of great abilities. Everyman has great abilities to think big and live big, face challenges and overcome them, be strong for himself and still be strong for others.

How many men are living up to the full potential of their abilities? Only very few. This is because only very few take the time to find out who they truly are.

2. ‘For every man is appointed a time to accept to face the unknown.’

Everyman has an appointment with finding out what lies after ‘The Unknown”.
Because most men don’t know who they are, what they have for the world and how they can be fulfilled,  they abandon the search for self and focus on the struggle of being who they are not.

They allow what they see around them to be the content that make them.

They are led by the expectations of family and friends to veer off the path and fail to cross the fearful water of the unknown to where their true destiny is.

On the other hand, the few wise men who realize their greatness, are never afraid to set their rules and live by them.

‘3. A wise man picks his friends.’

No single tree can form a forest. Every wise man knows this.
Also every wise man knows that every weed must be removed so that trees of equal inspiration and ambition can grow next to him and form a fortress that wards off attacks while he grows from strength to strength.

A wise man doesn’t allow a parasite to be a par of his inner circle.
He holds his inner circle high above every association that can contaminate it. His inner circle is the rudder, with which he navigates his ship through turbulent waters of life to safety.

4. ‘Man, the foundation of your relationship is the amount of love you are willing to give.’

Give complete love and earn the trust, faithfulness and loyalty of your lover.

Every woman’s sense of security in a relationship is strengthened by the knowledge that the heart of her man is occupied by her and only her.

When a man gives total love to his woman, the woman reciprocates. She builds him a good home, where he finds safety, happiness, comfort and the inspiration to go after his big goals.

A woman unloved by the man who is supposed to love her, is an enemy within. No affection from her to you.
She is like a prisoner waiting for an opportunity to escape to where she could find true love and happiness.

5. ‘A wise man learns continuously.’

He reads and learns continuously to become a great leader, a better lover and a great parent.
For him, no effort towards personal development is too much.

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