Altruism; The Power To Change.

Why do people still choose to live for themselves when living for others pays better?

For instance,  choosing to live for the good of your followers makes you a good leader.

Choosing to produce what makes others happy earns you massive sales.  It may not be what you like but what the people like.

Choosing to listen to others share their problems without you mentioning a scratch of the mountain of your problem,  makes you a great conversationist,   a great problem solver  and an almost perfecr compassionist.

You attract people,  influence them and impact lives by choosing others over self.

On the reward side,  you get everything you want from people you have chosen to help first before self.

So the more people you place first before you,  the more your reward.


A great book.

Altruism: The Power Of Compassion To Change Yourself And The World” by Matthieu Ricard


  1. PAPA ELIJAH says:

    This is the truth.


  2. Hey, great post as always and very informative. I am already looking forward to the next one!


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