Why Are You Afraid Of Starting All Over?

Whatever way didn’t work yesterday, is not guaranteed to take you to where will work today.

Except, you stop, ask questions and get the right answers to the way that could work.
A departure from the old way that wasn’t working is the way to what maybe a new way that may work.
And until something that may work is found, the way to what can work may never be found.
So stop this moment and find out, are you where you really wanted to be, when you started out years back? You are not there? Why?
Maybe the old way is not working, why don’t you do the hard work of finding out the new way and the right way which could work?
I know starting all over again is very tough. But years later, living with the regret of not starting all over, is tougher.
Is is tough and is it asking too much of you to break down the collapsing structure and build up again from the scratch? Well, what is tougher than the hardship of what you are going through now? Wouldn’t you want a better deal?
If you would want a better deal, why don’t you ask different questions which you were afraid to ask in the past? Then start again from the beginning on a sure path to your dream?
Go ahead and ask those questions and gain an access to a better life.

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