Soul Purpose; The Way To An Enduring Happiness.

First, understand who you are, then you will be on your way to finding your soul purpose in life.

Everyone is here for a purpose but most don’t know who they are, what they are here for and so can’t live a purposeful life.

Without living a purposeful life, you can’t find an enduring happiness.

An enduring happiness comes from fulfiling your soul purpose in life.

This fulfilment gives life to a positive force in you. A powerful positive force of contentment, that makes an enduring happiness to shine through you in good and in bad times

Happiness is what  everybody is seeking. Everyone is setting goals and trying hard to attain those goals, because they believe that attainment of those goals would bring happiness.

In reality it does, but such happiness is often ephemeral. Never enduring. An enduring happiness only comes from living your soul purpose.

So what is your soul purpose? And how can you find it?


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