What Is Something That Needs To Be Said?


Nothing. Except you know exactly what to say.

But when you don’t know the right thing to say…

,.listen make a genuine effort to understand then think through what you want to say before you speak.

Because once it is off your tongue and spoken loud and clear, there’s no disowning.

You can only argue and deny but try as much as you will, you will not be able to disown what you have said in the minds of those who heard you clearly.

Denying something that’s not nice but said carelessly and too quickly further erodes Goodwill.

Without a positive Goodwill, how can you negotiate a better deal for yourself? No way. You would always end up incurring a loss.

So knowing exactly what to say pays. Knowing the right answer to a question is the solution to the problem that brought up the question in the first place.

Therefore, always know the right thing to say at the right time. But when you don’t know exactly what to say, keep quiet and listen.


Phil Jones.

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