What Am I Here For?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What On Earth Am I Here For?”

To be a special gift to the world.

Now look back! Did any one  ever look up to you? If yes, you had something good to offer then and you still gave a deposit of value in you.

Have people stopped looking up to you? If they have, could it be that you have stopped making yourself available or that you have stopped believing in yourself?

If you are no longer available to listen to others or seek others out just to use the gift you are to help them find answers to life’s problems, then they have stopped coming to you. They are going some where else, where someone else is always available, generous and selfless enough to help them live a better life here on earth.

Or if you have stopped believing in the gift that you are to world, then you should stop expecting others to believe in you. If you no longer believed in your talent, you would not work on improving it and taking it to the level which would make people come to you.

It is dangerous to have people stop knocking on your door. You lose positive goodwill. And the consequence is, you lose patronage and the reward that comes from it.

You are a special gift to the world. Wake up and live purpose driven life.


Rick Warren’s audible audiobook can help you understand the purpose of your life.

“The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?”



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