What Is Cooking?


“American is apple pie”.

The English ‘bangers and mash’, the Indian ‘Alu Gobi’,  the South African ‘Boerewors and everywhere people live, there are great foods.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Now, what are you cooking in your kitchen?

If you are not, you should. People need food to stay alive and many people love good food. So you should be cooking something great and be serving same if you want to win in this competitive world.

Family Games.

To cook a great food, you must;

  1. Have all the right ingredients in place,
  2. Have the right cooking utensils,
  3. Put the right ingredient in the pot at the right time,
  4. Avoid distractions or you get the food burnt and,
  5. Know when the food is ready so that you don’t serve it overcooked or under cooked

Serve people a great food and have them coming back for more. And have them coming back for more with friends and families.

What is this all about?

You have to know that every project you get right extends your reach and influence. It wins you bragging rights to promote your brand.  Most importantly, it wins you more projects.


Check Out These Cooking Utensils. Make your next meal a great one.

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