What Are The 3 Most Important Things In Marriage?

You may think that love is number one in marriage but it is not. After some years into marriage, love begins to play a declining importance and the commitment to make it work no matter what becomes more and more important.

So number one is; Commitment to see the marriage to the end. And when is the end? Till death.

But in a world with so many distractions and where ego plays a central role in most human relationships, the commitment to stick to one person to the end is difficult to make. To make this commitment easy, love must constantly be called to action.

how to have the best relationship and the best marriage.


Love will make it easy for you to forgive your partner, forget the offense quickly and continue to live together instead of drifting apart.

But love cannot work alone to help to make the commitment to continue to the end. It works hand-in-hand with tolerance. Therefore, tolerance is another important factor for a successful marriage. Marriage neither removes the human imperfections in you nor in your partner. Imperfections of being self-centered, opinionated and stubborn could be perfected through tolerance,

Tolerance would make you create the time to sit down, listen attentively to differing views, ask questions and allow your spouse to win sometimes.

When the commitment to love to the very end is the pivot of the marriage, then love is allowed to rule over all other emotions and tolerance is called upon when things don’t go as you want, then your marriage is made the most important asset of your life.


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