Although It’s Natural For Most…

It is natural for most.people to succumb to jealousy when what they want the most and have been praying and waiting for for a long time, eventually comes along. But instead of going to them, it jumps over them and goes to a.friend, a colleague or a family member.

If you sometimes fall prey to this feeling, you could be excused. You are just being human.

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But being a better human that deserves the best things life offers, requires that you overcome negative feelings. It requires that you actually go out of you way to look for ways of assisting others get what they want.

It is in giving that we get what we want.

Giving love comes from sowing love. The more love you sow, the nearer you get to getting what you really want.

Selflessness is a generosity that attracts good things to an altruist. Selflessness  expands your fertile land of love and increases your chances of improved yields. 

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So live your life differently from most,

where most put selves first, 

put most first  and it shall come to you,

a little from most.




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  2. Prof.Waziri says:

    Do appreciate this and leaving me with no words.but please i will need to know how to get someone that will help oversee my work and step to take so as to advance.please hoping to hear from you in less time.Thanks


    1. Ayi Etim says:

      Please send a mail to

      Thank you.


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