How Do I Prepare For A Better Future?

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We, you and I, always want something better, don’t we? A better tomorrow, a better future.

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When today’s reality (the now) is unacceptable, the longing for a better future becomes more intense.. But a better future may not come until, you learn how to get out of today’s unpleasant realities and acquire the required preparations for a better future.

Then, how do you prepare for a better future?

Never lose hope, no matter how bad today’s conditions are. To keep the hope alive, you must work hard on your self-improvement and make better plans for the future.

Work hard on identifying your unique strong point, which is your selling point. Your unique selling point is what gives you the comparative advantage in a competitive world. Don’t stop there.

Move forward to acquire and perfect skills that would help you project your unique strong point to the world. Top on the list of skills to be acquired must be, networking/marketing skills. These are ‘The Driver” of your dream.

Don’t wait, start  now to work for the better future you desire. You are to make mistakes, you are going to meet disappointments and challenges but don’t lose hope. Keep pushing forward and keep learning on the job of how to get a better future for yourself.

Getting into a better future is not a guarantee that things can’t get worse there after. So to make sure that you don’t fall back to where you have worked hard to dig yourself out of, you must make the necessary preparations now to secure the future of your dream. How? By thinking beyond your dream future. Make a long term plan now and keep it always in view.

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The time to start to prepare for a better future is now.


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