Say No Or Yes But Take A Stand.

Always say ‘No’ to what you stand against even when saying ‘Yes’ could bring you a temporary reprieve.

The temporary reprieve may mark the beginning of the end of a lasting comfort. Why? Think back to those reasons you gave yourself for standing against a belief, an ideology, a desire or a pursuit. Why did you say ‘No’ to a negative addiction, a wasteful spending or a life threatening habit? If your reasons for saying ‘No’ were very good, how do you think, a ‘Yes’ for the sake of a temporary reprieve could lead to something better? Unlikely.

So no matter how compelling a circumstance or a condition may want to make you stand for what you have always stood against, still say a BIG ‘NO’. It is a thing of pride and respect to be known for where you always stand on an issue than to be tossed about like an ocean wave because of your attitudinal inconsistency. It is an inconsistency that earns NO trust.

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  1. ukpai says:

    good one


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