Going Back To The Past (The CCTV Model).

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to apply the CCTV model to your life, in order to know the right steps to take to successfully reach your goals.

Going back to the past, is like playing the recorded actions captured on the CCTV of life, to discover reasons for your fears, indecisions, inferiority complex and every single cause of your lack of progress in life. Going back to the past gives you the opportunity to right wrongs and take complete control of your life.

Understand this: you are going back to the past as a more matured person, prepared by years of experience in life to face your worst fears of the past and take them out of your being. With debilitating emotions exhumed and buried properly, you set your life on the path of fearlessness to greatness.

So, once in a while, use the CCTV model and go back to the past in order to own the future.

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