How Do You Know Your Partner Is Not A Gold Digger? – Relationship.

How do you know your partner is not a gold digger?

It’s hard to believe that that your partner who never fails to call when it matters, to remind you that you are the only reason they are breathing, is actually telling you that you don’t matter, rather what matters is what they are getting from you.

It’s difficult to know that your partner is seeing you as a goldmine who doesn’t occupy any space in that part of their mind reserved for loving and caring. But when you make up your mind to face the truth of what true love is all about, then it’s no longer difficult to spot a gold digger.

True love is a function of the present and not what is expected. It’s a function of who you are, the way you walk, talk, laugh and not what you have. You don’t get loved for where you are coming from and the dream you are going for because the past can’t be lived again and the future is out of your control. It’s about who you are at the moment love is professed. It’s about you being the only asset minus every acquired asset.

Gold diggers are manipulative. They would want you to stop being who you are and start being who they want you to be. They would like you to believe that the change is for your own good. A gold digger is excessively altruistic at the beginning. When you are deeply into the relationship, a gold digger becomes over demanding of your time and money. A gold digger stops pretending to care when you find it almost impossible to walk away from the relationship, even when they have moved on to another victim; another goldmine. Be careful of a gold digger.

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