Go Ahead, Share It, There’s No Helpless Situation.

There’s a lot to gain from sharing, so learn to share the happiness you have and the pain that’s robbing you of your happiness.

Are you distressed by a devastating condition or a hopeless situation? Have hope because there’s always someone somewhere, who may have the answer to that puzzling ‘cancer’ in your life. So go ahead and share your pain.

Tell it to those who care to listen but don’t wear it on your fore head. Some would not help after you have shared it with them but there would be someone who would know someone somewhere, capable and willing to help.

Go ahead and share it, refuse to be defined by a negative situation. Names are powerful, refuse to be called or be addressed by a seemingly hopeless condition. Help is never too far away or non-existent, it is always there within you. Be positive, be resilient, be hopeful.

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