Letting Go Is Having More.

It’s so difficult to let go of what is rightfully yours and let someone who never worked for it, have it. But most times in life, you win the big things by letting go of the small things.

When you let go of something, you lose the satisfaction that comes from having it. With it, is gone comfort and sometimes, stability. A vacuum is created and a need to fill that vacuum becomes urgently necessary.

And since invention is a product of necessity, the need to replace what is lost makes you inventive and innovative. But you must take the bold step to replace what is lost. As you search for a replacement, you dig deeper into your undiscovered self, to discover an ability that can help you get a replacement, that’s better than what’s lost.

So sometimes it pays to let go in order to get more. The struggle to hold onto what’s getting away, robs you of an opportunity to discover your true greatness.

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